Cape Town Museums

Recommended museums and cultural centres in Cape Town.

Chavonnes Battery Museum

Chavonnes Battery: Watchdog of Table Bay… This early Cape Town Historical Visitor Attraction showcases a unique Cultural Tourism journey commencing from the original shoreline which has been buried for 140 years where the ruins of the Chavonnes Battery rest....

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Robben Island

From the 17th to the 20th centuries, Robben Island served as a place of banishment, isolation and imprisonment. Today it is a World Heritage Site and museum, a poignant reminder to the newly democratic South Africa of the price paid for freedom....

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Holocaust Centre

The South African Holocaust Foundation is dedicated to creating a more caring and just society in which human rights and diversity are respected and valued.

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Heart of Cape Town

Groote Schuur Hospital was the first hospital in the world to perform the first ever Heart Transplant. A road accident on the fateful morning of December 2nd 1967 would lead to a chain of events that would break medical history and advance medicine as we know it. The...

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Iziko Planetarium

The Planetarium, which is housed in the South African Museum building in Cape Town, is a celestial theatre in the round, utilising the complex Minolta star machine and multiple projectors to transport the audience through the wonders of the universe. The ultimate in...

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Iziko Museum

‘Iziko’ is an isiXhosa word, meaning “a hearth”. Since the hearth of a typical African homestead usually occupies the central space, Iziko symbolises both a hub of cultural activity, and a central place for gathering together South Africa’s diverse...

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