Cape West Coast Biosphere Trails

 Eve’s Trail 

  • 2 Day Trail
  • Spend the days without your watch and live life at natures pace to replenish your soul.

The Darling Stagger 

  • 2 Day Trail
  • This is the way life is meant to be lived – slowly and simply, with good food and wine and good company, in a natural, outdoor setting.

The Five Bay Trail 

  • Scenic, 2 day, 28km coast hugging hike between the West Coast Fishing villages of Paternoster and Jacobsbaai
  • Guests are accommodated in a 3-4 star comfortable lodge in Paternoster for 1 nights.
  • The first leg on Day 1 is a 15km hike from Paternoster to Trekoskraal.
  • The second leg on Day 2 is a 13km hike from Trekoskraal to Jacobsbaai.

The Wheels of Time

  • This ride through time is not aimed at adrenalin junkies or Absa Cape Epic trainees, but rather recreational cyclists who are keen to experience the back roads and beauty of the West Coast, from the seat of a bicycle.
  • Destinations and overnight stops vary greatly and the journey in between is filled with some awesome scenery, and fun but at times challenging riding.
  • A support vehicle provides you with food and refreshments en route and you can hop aboard anytime if you feel like taking it easy.

The Berg River Canooze

  • One thing is for sure, no rapids!
  • This 2 day, 24km trail is a relaxing river kayak along the Berg River suitable for the entire family.
  • River kayaking opens up a whole world of exploration, and it’s an exciting way to enjoy the scenic beauty and incredible birdlife of the West Coast.
  • The Berg River is host to thousands of waterfowl every spring and the veld abounds in countless wild flowers during the late winter months.
  • Many believe that in summer the mudflats and river edges support the highest diversity of waders along the Atlantic seaboard.

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