Cruise The Crags welcomes you to the Number One Site for all things Garden Route.

Cruise the Crags is the website of the Crags tourism association. They have all the information about everything & anything you’d be interested in doing in the Crags. They have a variety of members. Their members cover accommodation, restaurants & activities based places. This is the best site to go to when you need these three questions answered. What is there to do? Where can I stay? Where can I eat?

The Garden Route is the best place to visit if you’re looking for Wildlife experiences & encounters. It is home to some of the best sanctuaries the world has to offer. The animals are well looked after & the encounters are unforgettable. Creative energies flow fast and furious in this little part of paradise too. Furthermore, this is the perfect place for adrenaline junkies. There are so many thrilling activities available. Moreover, it wouldn’t be the Western Cape without wine. That covers what to do.

There is every kind of accommodation for every type of traveller. There is the Bed & Breakfast / Country Guest House. These places are usually within some of the most beautiful natural surroundings. Near a Nature Reserve or in a forest. The perfect place for family & peace of mind. The Hotel Accommodation for the seeker of convenience & luxury. Self-Catering & Camping for those who prefer to cater for themselves. That covers where to stay.

There are many incredible places with Chews in the Crag. The Crag has many restaurants that serve mouth-watering meals. Head over the website to find the place with a menu that tickles your fancy. That covers where to eat.

So head over to Cruise The Crags & curate the perfect trip along the Garden Route.

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