Kenilworth Race Course (J&B Met)

Kenilworth is a left handed track and is unique amongst South African racecourses in that it consists of three separate tracks. There is a new track with a circumference of 2800m and a run-in of about 600m which is used primarily in summer, and an old track with a circumference of 2700m and a run-in of about 450m which is normally used for winter racing.

There is also a separate 1200m straight course which bisects the infield at a diagonal, the three courses only coming together in the pull-up area. The new course particularly is one ofthe fairest in South Africa and gives every horse a winning chance, but ability to race handy is of greater importance on the old course. The 1200m straight is the stiffest in the country, though.

A climb for the first 200m and another rise over the final 200m make this a real test of ability to stay1200m and horses who go fast early on almost invariably get caught wanting at the finish. Horses who seem best over middle distances often do well in 1200m races at Kenilworth, especially when the winter going is soft or heavy. Low number draws are generally favoured in sprints, but fields tend to split into two distinct groups when the going is heavy and outside barriers then enjoy a slight advantage. Draws are of little importance around the turn,especially on the new course.


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