La Vierge

What makes us so special?

Tucked away in the picturesque mountains of the Hemel en Aarde Valley near Hermanus, lies La Vierge. It is a home of wines so tantalizing that it merits comparison beyond its handsome physical attributes. The long sultry summers, the close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the lovingly tended vineyard combines to create the perfect balance. Celebrate of the outstanding Pinot Noir wines is a climatic daily activity and makes it easy to succumb to the elegance.

Have you seen our Vineyards?

The low yielding vines,situated in the folded Bokkeveld Mountains above Hermanus, produce fruit of exceptional high quality. The Vineyards are planted on the varied shale slopes where the deep and medium fertile clay-based soil allows us the perfect palette to create outstanding wines with varietal detail and purity. The smaller crops are perfect for greater concentration of flavour in the wines. And maybe the perfect secret is in the clay soils that acts as deep reservoirs that are brim filled in water. To relieve this tension, the reservoirs then slowly release their moisture throughout the cool summer growing season, nourishing the vines.


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