Metal Machine Tattoo and Piercing Studio

Metal Machine prides itself on being a “commercial/custom” tattoo studio. Our artists are equally comfortable and capable of tattooing everything from the smallest kanji on a foot to a full body fitted phoenix. Stenciled or Freehand, to say our artists “specialize” in any one tattoo style would limit the creativity with which they approach your unique tattoo experience.

The studio was founded in 1993 by Derek Baker who is one of South Africa’s most highly awarded and well-known tattooists. After completing his training with Permanent Mark at Steel Toe Tattoo Studio in Cape Town in 1991, Derek went solo under the name METAL MACHINE and opened Cape Town’s first professional studio in September 1994 – the only one at the time. Years of relentless work, a tireless hunger for knowledge, numerous trips to international and local conventions have resulted in Derek achieving a solid reputation as the best tattooist in South Africa.

He is accomplished in many varied styles, including portraits, lettering, Oriental and tribal/blackwork.

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