Newlands Brewery

newlands-breweryThe story of beer dates back to the ancient tombs of Egypt and pre-dates the wine industry in South Africa.

Our story began on the banks of the Liesbeek River where Pieter Visagie first brewed beer in 1658. In the mid-1800s, Jacob Letterstedt built the original Mariendahl Brewery in Newlands. Upon his death, Anders Ohlsson was first in a succession of proud brewers to nurture the noble traditions and whose legacy is enjoyed to this day.

Today Newlands Brewery brews 8 famous beers and satisfies this corner of our thirsty land. It’s just as well that our brewing techniques have improved, along with our ability to produce, package and warehouse a long line of champions.

We think that the best way to experience the making of our beer is by touring our brewery. You’ll get a fantastic beer experience along with a taste of history. In the shadow of the mountain, you’ll enjoy 100% pure, natural refreshment with almost 200 years of tradition when you sample our coldest, freshest, finest beers!

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