Jump On A Boat & Explore The Cape Oceans.

Welcome to Cape Town. The Mother City. The Cape of Good Hope. The city with beautiful scenery & stunning beaches. Now let me tell you – there is nothing better than enjoying a warm or scorching summer’s day on the beach. Everybody comes out in great spirits. Friends & families share laughs & you can always join in on a fun game of one touch or beach volleyball. It’s a lovely atmosphere that locals & visitors appreciate equally. However, I am sure I am not the only one that has imagined what it would be like to experience the ocean & all its splendour from a boat. Then quite conveniently, Ocean Image Boat Charters popped up in my life & I have never had to imagine again since.

Firstly, these guys rent out some impressive boats. They have a number of them to choose from depending on who you’re planning to invite on your ocean day. They will make sure that you have all the safety equipment you need & that there is a skipper available to do all the licensed driving. That’s if you’re like me & you don’t have a Skipper’s license or know of anybody who does.

Secondly, Ocean Image Boat Charters has boat tours that no one else does in Cape Town. The Clifton & Hout Bay tours are great. They will take you along routes that not a lot of people are aware of. You will get the opportunity to see some adorable hidden spots that only the true Capetonians know about & at the end of the Hout Bay tour you will get to spend some time at the Hout Bay Harbour. Now, as someone that was born & raised in Cape Town, I tend to shy away from over-selling experiences. However, the harbour is an excellent spot with a lot of history & culture. It is a guarantee that you will enjoy yourself upon arrival.

I was also impressed by the Water Sports Equipment our friends at Ocean Image Boat Charters have. A lot of the equipment they have ready for rental are things I’d assume a person would buy & keep. Had I known of Ocean Image Boat Charters back when my friends & I used to host pool parties in the summer, I would have rented out all of their pink flamingo chill-out inflatables. Every single one. But that is not all they have available. They have a variety of seater tubes, water skis & wakeboards. My excitement went through the roof, however, when I found out about the flying fish mattress. My friends don’t know this yet, but our days of having boring days on the beach are over.

Ocean Image Boat Charters also gives you the option to build your own adventure. You can fill up your whole day with a variety of activities. Your activities range from Jet Skis, Stand Up Paddling, Shark Cage Diving, as well as Kayaking. It is all up to you. In addition to all the awesome things the team has to offer, they can help you get your Skipper’s license as well. Their prices are affordable & you have the best skippers around to help you become the best Skipper you can be.

In all honesty, it’s all in the name. Ocean Image Boat Charters, what more can I say?

Written By The Guy That Went That Way.