Ostrich International

All their products are meticulously produced by hand by skilled master craftsman – all ladies, and mostly sole providers for their families. The only machine work done on the product is the stitching thereof. They have been operating at the same address for almost 30 years under the trade name NINI.

They pride themselves in creating works of art, from selecting hand-picked quality graded leather skins to forming each product to its individual esteemed right to excellence. The leather used for their products is mainly sourced in the district of Oudtshoorn, the capital of the ostrich trade.

Their passion and love for their craftmanship has encouraged them to build their own factory in close proximity to their exclusive boutique Ostrich International. The boutique is located at 127 Baron van Reede Street, en route to the world renowned Cango Caves, Oudtshoorn, Western Cape, South Africa, right in the cradle of the ostrich industry.










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