Discover nature at its purest form at the Tsitsikamma Woodcutters Journey.

Experience the uniqueness of this biome on a journey down the old Stormsriver Pass. You are taken through the Tsitsikamma forest in a comfortable vehicle. Follow the migratory elephant route, passing Yellowwoods and Stinkwoods. You will learn about the history of the area and its indigenous fauna and flora. We introduce you to a fairy world of a 450-500-year-old, Human-like Tree. We also have our own unique Forest Guard who watch over the forest with human-like faces.

The tour takes place in a pristine wilderness environment. Chosen for its uniqueness and unsurpassed beauty. This allows you to absorb the beauty of the indigenous forest. Furthermore, all information comes from trained professional guides. They explain the culture, fauna and flora. Such as the Knob Wood tree originally used for toothache by the Khoisan. They identify plants such as the Bushman’s Bedding which is a natural insect repellent. Bird sounds such as the Fish Eagle’s call and the shy Narina Trogon add value to your experience especially when these birds are visible.

The historical Stone building was a hunting lodge and meeting place for hunters. It is also one of the oldest buildings in Stormsriver. The Tsitsikamma Woodcutters Journey ensures a personal experience. You will encounter beautiful Tree Ferns that are hundreds of years old. Guides deliver extensive narration to clients throughout the whole tour.

Tsitsikamma Woodcutters Journey is a magical experience. It has a rich history & is bound to leave you forever enchanted.

Tsitsikamma Woodcutters journey