Seeing a whale in its natural habitat is an incredible experience. It should be on everyone’s travel wish list. South Africa is home to some of the best whale watching hotspots in the world. So what do you look out for while whale watching?
Here are some things to observe:
  • Blowing – this is the sound the whale makes when expelling air through its blowhole. It also includes a spout of condensed water vapour. This is the normal breathing pattern of whales.
  • Breaching – this is when the whale leaps out of the water and falls back in with a large splash. Whales can breach three to eight times in a row. Research states that this is a means of communication, exercise or to scratch the parasites off that live on them.
  • Lobtailing – this is when the whale slaps its fluke or tail on the water. It causes a loud sound. This is also a means of communication.
  • Spy hopping – this is when the whale lifts its head and body as far as the flippers, above the surface. This allows the whales to see what is happening around it above water.
Travel with us to one of the best whale watching destinations in the world. Walker Bay in Hermanus is the home of the Southern Right Whale from June to November. Watch dolphins and seals at play! Travel back via the spectacular Clarens Drive coastal route.


  •  Departs Cape Town at 07.00am (depends on boat availability)

  • Transport & Tour Guide (Luxury Vehicle)

  • 2 Hour Whale Watching Boat Trip (included in tour price)

  • Light snacks given on boat

  • Lunch in Hermanus (at client’s expense)

  • Scenic drive along the Coast back to Cape Town

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